Friday, March 31, 2006

The Goddess of the Typewriter now greets one and all as they arrive at the shrine of the Manal typewriter. Think of her as the typist pineing for the bell at the end of the carriage and the venting force of returning the carriage via the lever provided.What have we lost.....Read on... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Shrine dedicated to the manual typewriter in the victorian pebble, shell and button style. It was with great regret that I saw the passing of the manual typewriter. At first these wondrous machines found their way to big trash pickups on the street corners. I collected them -at one time about ten. Then came the computer and there was no turning back. The last one in my collection just could not go to the dump. So there it is. Eventually plants will grow between the gnomes. The shells and rinestones add a hint of treasure from the elfen cave. The grotto provides a classical touch....enjoy! Posted by Picasa
The roller on the typerwriter still works! Great for putting up messages! Happy spring etc... Posted by Picasa
I am now looking for a suitable statue for the grotto. Eventually plants will grow in the space between the Gnomes-portulaca or something small. Also in front of the grotto..... Posted by Picasa
Cinder block covered with spray foam insulation shells beads buttons and half marbgles and dont forget the two gnomes! Posted by Picasa
I have seen many transitions of technology in my life and one of the saddest indeed has been that from the manual typewriter to the computer via electric. So my last manual typewriter shall forever stand as a memorial to these lost is on my front walk. Enjoy... Posted by Picasa