Thursday, April 27, 2006

This is part two of a two part series of photos taken by a student at the Army Photo Journalism school- Curt Cashoar-great photographer. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in having photos done. He is re-locating to Fort Hood Texas you texas artcar folk....just what you need-This and handy....note these are also good St. Arnold's beer beer in Texas....Enjoy! Posted by Picasa
Drink St. Arnolds beer and go slit eyed....ccphoto not actually staring into the sun at all! Posted by Picasa
St.Arnolds beer add....ccphoto Posted by Picasa
driving handy ccphoto Posted by Picasa
using goop makes your hands big...ccphoto Posted by Picasa
Driving handy car...ccphoto Posted by Picasa
painting door....ccphoto Posted by Picasa
the doll killing fields...ccphoto Posted by Picasa
Doll harvest arrives at the killing fields...CCphoto Posted by Picasa
This is the first part of a series of photos taken by Curt Cashoar who is presently studying at the Army School of Photo Journalism at fort Meade. This is Handria.... Posted by Picasa
handycar steering wheel Posted by Picasa
wild man examines engine ccphoto Posted by Picasa
driving the catalina ccphoto Posted by Picasa
another head for the truck ccphoto Posted by Picasa
working on magnet truck ccphoto Posted by Picasa
me and the mondrian mobile ccphoto Posted by Picasa
artist in mirror ccphoto Posted by Picasa
Me and stella car...ccphoto Posted by Picasa
margaret and me and stella car ccphoto Posted by Picasa
me and handy in parking lot ccphoto Posted by Picasa
handy in he sun cc photo Posted by Picasa
front of handy handria with ears Posted by Picasa
glue gunner ccphoto Posted by Picasa
new hands for handy car cc photo Posted by Picasa
studio gate cc photo Posted by Picasa