Friday, June 06, 2008

Dial an artcar

Press Release June 5, 2008

Topic: A first for the world of artcars: Call the Artcar! Baltimore Artcars now can be reached via telephone! Find out about them when you see them!

Date: July 18-20

Place: Artscape, Baltimore, Md.

Contact: Conrad Bladey, 510-789-0930

Summary: "Oh my God! What is that?" is heard many times each day by Conrad Bladey, Visionary Artcar Artist as he drives his artcars. People want to know! What is it? How long did it take? What does it all mean? They call out in traffic and from the sidewalks. Now all people who "need to know" do not have to go to great dangerous lengths to talk to the driver. All they have to do is get out their cell phone and literally call the artcar. The phone number is right on the side of the vehicle or in the rear.

This is a FIRST for the world of artcars!

Conrad Bladey worked with the on-line voicemail provider Grand Central to obtain a voice mail greeting and mail box for his artcar the Magnet Truck. For Artscape and other events when multiple cars are on the road Bladey will use his Verizon voice mail account to give each a distinct voicemail announcement.

In just a moment a visitor to the car at the Artscape Festival can get out their cell phone and find out all about the car that they have encountered.

Conrad Bladey is a self-funded, visionary, outsider artcar artist. His main artcar web page is here:

Try out the phone number: 410-981-9256.

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