Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Letter to the Editor Md Gazette October 8 2008

Linthicum memorial

While Conrad Bladey certainly has a right to his opinion, how sad it would be if his desire to allow liquor to be legally consumed in the J. Charles Linthicum Memorial Park were to be granted (Maryland Gazette, Oct. 1).

A beautiful memorial and a lovely park, which was suggested and came to fruition through the efforts of Ted Sophocles, would be desecrated. I don't believe Mr. Bladey can deny that the legality of liquor being allowed in the park would bring debris and probably unwelcome behavior in a family oriented park.

Two members of the community, Ken and Carol Glendening, along with many other members of the community have spent hours cleaning and beautifying Benton Avenue Park. This work is done on a purely volunteer basis. What an insult it would be to imply that here is another park for them to clean.

The fact that J. Charles Linthicum was not in favor of Prohibition is not synonymous with his being in favor of the public use and abuse of alcohol. I have faith that Frank Marzuco, county director of recreation and parks, will use his wisdom to keep this park free of alcoholic beverages. To allow liquor to be legally consumed in this park would be a travesty.

I would also like to address the fact that Ella Virginia Houck Holloway encouraged the congressman to submit the bill on the National Anthem. She certainly did and whenever the "Star Spangled Banner" was mentioned in the family, Mrs. Holloway was always credited with having been the one who encouraged "Uncle Charlie" to submit this bill

Again, I respect Mr. Bladey's right to his opinion. I just ask that he not try to impose that opinion on the rest of us.



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